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Creative Web
is a Passion

Put users first, good design will follow.
Making the web a happier place,
one site at a time.


UI/UX, web development, coding, emails, and banners.

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Covers, print ads, direct mail, packaging, and logo design.

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Digital and traditional illustration, and 3D modeling.

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3D Illustration of a super bug

Equal Parts UI/UX,
Coding, DESIGN, and a
dash of 3d Illustration

Originally trained as a classical illustrator, I fell in love with 3D technologies on my way to art direction, web design and finally UI/UX web development. Shown here are two of my 3D modeled illustrations.

3D Illustration of a Metal Bee

Coding &

A wide range of front end coding skills and experince in HTML5, PHP, Bootstrap, CSS3, SASS, SCSS, LESS, JS, jQuery, AngularJS, JSON, AJAX and XML.


Experienced in the design and development of responsive websites, responsive mobile web applications, responsive content/images, touch/guesture design.


Over 15 years experience designing websites, and developing user interfaces, user experiences, wire frames, page flows, SEO, logistics, analytics and more.


Designed thousands of published projects including: print ads, direct mail, catalogs, brochures, magazines, sell sheets, displays, logos, packaging,

EMAIL Marketing

Email designs from an array of markets and companies.

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Packaging design

Logo design, company branding and corporate identity.

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Traditional Art

Illustrations, paintings, drawings, and fine art.

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About Russell Lehman - The long story



For the last 15 years I have enjoyed working with a wide range of clients and wonderfully talented teams designing websites, web applications, and improving user experiences. You can say my obsession is front end web development, creative problem solving, and jumping at every chance to make the web a better place. At Bright House Networks I helped design, develop and/or maintain more than 20 websites and web applications serving over 2.5 million customers. During my years at Bookspan/Direct Brands in NYC, I produced thousands of online promotions while helping to maintain 40 plus websites that were home to more than 8 million members.

My development solutions include HTML5, PHP, Bootstrap, CSS3, LESS, SASS, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Mustache.js, JSON, AJAX, XML. I have experience with Git, SourceTree, FTP, JSHint, JSLint, Brackets, and 3D-Cart among others. The last 5 years have been more focused on adaptive technologies, user interface (UI), user experience (UX), web applications, responsive design, mobile design, responsive content/images, responsive video, responsive image maps, sticky elements, and designing for touch and gestures.

In my long career I have been involved in all parts of front end web development from concept, to wire frames, comps, high resolution presentations, prototypes, development, to final deployment. I created numerous online sweepstakes, sliders, carousels, galleries, filters, form validation and more. My non-design web experience includes Google analytics, response analysis, Omniture Analytics, click heat maps, A/B testing, SEO, SEM, keyword copy writing, PCI DSS Compliance Training (2015), and HIPAA Compliance Training (2014). I also have extensive CMS experience porting, developing, upgrading, customizing, multiple platforms including Adobe AEM, Adobe CQ, Adobe Day, WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, Ektron, and OpenText.

Print, Illustration AND


Since beginning as a modest illustration graduate from School Of Visual Arts In NYC, I worked my way up to a creative director position completing many thousands of successful design projects and illustrations for hundreds of clients. From HBO, to Hallmark, to Lucas Arts, to Target I have experience working in just about every area of the design field. Working for many years as a Creative Director and Senior art director, I have produced a large portfolio of print ads, direct mail, catalogs, brochures, magazines, sell sheets, data sheets, spec sheets, folders, press kits, posters, magazine covers, banners, displays, billboards, point of purchase displays, packaging, manuals, and logos.

With regards to the business side of advertising, my experience includes A/B testing, response analysis, statistical analysis, focus groups, photo shoot direction and supervision, talent and stylist selection, ad and product copywriting, project management, radio spots, video, commercials, infomercials, ad placement, campaigns, corporate identity, branding, product placement, product development, vendor selection and management, creative team management, trade show booth design and construction, billing, estimating and budgeting. My print experience includes printing and delivery, file set up, print runs from 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 colors, print run supervision, spot color printing, spot varnish printing, dimensional printing, die cut packaging design, and die cut design.

Being a classically trained illustrator has helped me become a digital image retouching expert as I taught high end photoshop skills to many industry professionals along the way. My full set of illustration skills go on to include, digital illustration, article illustration, children's book illustration, book cover illustration, icon graphics, 3D illustration, 3D modeling, painting, drawing, acrylics, markers, murals, comps, sketches, and line art.


Web banners, headers and hero designs for multiple markets.

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LOGO design

Logo design, corporate identity, and company branding.

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Pattern designs, backgrounds, and textures.

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Listing of companys i have worked for regarding my WEB PROJECTS

Bright House Networks Tampa Bay Times Forum Universal Orlando Bertelsmann Media Worldwide BMG Music American Scientific The Discovery Channel Waldorf Astoria Wet And Wild Chase Bank Tampa Bay Lightning Columbia House Random House Publishing Doubleday Publishing Washington Mutual

Listing of companys i have worked for regarding my PRINT PROJECTS

T-Fal Mattel Welcome wagon Betty Crocker Disney Tyco Hooked on Phonics Lucas Arts Target Walmart Nickelodeon HBO The Home Depot Sakura Hallmark